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  • A National Association…

finds its governance and cumbersome structure have crippled its ability to update programs and member services. Frequent conflict between the board and staff threatens the health of the organization. If you were chairperson, how would you lead the board in streamlining its procedures to support the association’s programmatic functions while improving its relationships and communications with staff?

  • A Public Hospital Board …

is selling the facility to a private hospital chain. Local media have come out against the change, and the state attorney general threatens intervention. As a member of the board of trustees, how would you communicate the changing realities of healthcare economics to hospital stakeholders, including patients, medical staff, employees and community opinion leaders?

  • A Health Professions School…

is planning to institute a major curriculum reform to prepare it for the 21st century, threatening faculty members’ sense of security. How would you advise the dean to implement recommended changes without losing the support of the faculty?

  • A Health Maintenance Organization …

has a reputation for having the best doctors, technology and facilities, yet the organization has had a drop in enrollment because of a perceived lack of patient-centered care. How do you change the community’s perception of the organization’s quality?

  • A Public University…

faces rising operational costs, an aging physical plant, non-competitive faculty salaries, and an unsympathetic legislature. You are the newly-appointed president.   How do you develop a plan to strategically position the school as a center of value in the university?

  • A Non-Profit Organization …

must hire a new senior administrator to replace a highly respected and influential leader, retiring after 20 years of service. You are appointed to serve as the representative for the board of trustees on the organization’s search committee. How do you identify the best candidates and prepare the organization for a smooth transition to new leadership?


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Great Moments in Consulting History

Building upon the rise of democratic philosophy and robust conflict between labor and management, consultant Thomas Washington Smith introduced concepts of team building in 1910. In his exercises, labor leaders, hand-picked by company owners, finely tune team and problem-solving skills in a small open boat crossing the Atlantic.


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