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The shareholders and associates of Triangle Associates believe that: 
  • Mutual trust, respect and confidentiality are the keys in our ability to facilitate long-term change and the foundation upon which we build strong client relationships.
  • Diverse people working together strengthens organizations.
  • Organizations require people at all levels who care enough to articulate a vision of their future and who are courageous enough to take the first steps to achieve that vision.
  • Leadership appears in the behaviors, not the roles, of every member of a healthy organization.
  • Our services are based on current research, national trends and institutional data but always reflect the individual needs of our clients.
  • Our training and consulting services have the greatest impact on an organization when used together because consulting helps people solve immediate problems, and training helps people become better future problem-solvers.
  • Continuous learning and creativity develop individuals and organizations.
  • Our clients deserve the highest quality materials and timely services.
  • Our goal is ongoing institutional health, not dependence on consultants.

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Triangle Associates has quietly achieved a national reputation for its work in healthcare and higher education. We believe our growth and reputation reflect the strength of our commitment to client-focused consulting services and partnerships, supported by the research, experience and scholarship of our associates.


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