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Defining and shaping the pieces of an organization, then integrating and coordinating those parts in patterns and designs that serve a clear purpose, are the creative challenges perennially facing boards and executive management teams. The rapid pace of change means that this work is never finished and that the cycle of planning, implementing and evaluating must be ongoing. Triangle Associates helps organizations design the systems and processes that keep them vital, responsive and prepared for the future.

  • Strategic Planning

Through strategic planning, an organization defines its mission and values, envisions the organization it intends to become, and develops the goals and action steps that will move it toward that future ideal. Strategic planning involves key leaders, employees and stakeholders in a process whereby previous assumptions, conditions, rules and procedures are challenged and, when necessary, changed. Triangle Associates uses a proven, eight-step strategic planning model in working with organizations.

  • Program Review

Triangle Associates uses qualitative and quantitative approaches to analyze academic and service programs in higher education and healthcare. Fiscal responsibility, effectiveness, personnel, and availability and utilization of resources are surveyed and evaluated, program by program, department by department, to provide decision-makers with timely, detailed and accurate data for planning and budgeting.

  • Executive Search Facilitation

Triangle Associates assists organizations and search committees to design, implement and reach consensus on key hires through a search facilitation process. Components of our search facilitation services include the development of a job description, the creation of a candidate profile, the screening and assessment of candidates, the negotiation and offer of a contract, and the management of the transition process.

  • Managing Organizational Change

Implementing a strategic vision that requires individuals and groups to substantively change their behaviors and reallocate their resources is an organization’s greatest challenge. Through accurate feedback on strengths and weaknesses, the development of change options, and the creation of models and action plans, Triangle Associates helps leaders and change agents create small wins and overcome the anxiety, risk avoidance, inertia and resistance that can block needed progress.

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Struck by the similarities of information systems in nature, Lee Eng in 1955 was the first to develop the notions of inter-connectivity. Using the model of a West Texas prairie dog town, Eng encouraged his clients to build small interconnecting communication tunnels in new office buildings. Eng built upon his early success with the later invention of cubicle mazes and endlessly looping automated phone answering systems.





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