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Creating a healthy, vital organization requires the willingness and commitment of groups to communicate clearly and honestly in good times and in bad, to work through conflicts, and to build collaboration and cooperation. Individually and in groups, all elements of an organization must work together to achieve common goals. Triangle Associates uses a variety of approaches to enhance group dynamics. 

  • Conflict Management

Triangle Associates diagnoses the depth of conflict within an organization through personal interviews and written surveys of all members. Following the assessment, our consultants help the group identify proper responses to conflict, appropriate methods for conducting potentially volatile meetings, skills needed to give and receive feedback, and effective uses of negotiation, mediation and formal conflict resolution.

  • Team Building Skills

Triangle Associates helps groups become more focused and cohesive. We lead groups in developing such unifying structures as common purposes and goals, problem-solving processes, continuous improvement processes, methods and strategies for assigning roles and responsibilities among group members, and many others.

  • Communication

Effective teams are built upon the ability of members to effectively communicate. Organizations some-times take communication skills for granted, only to discover that poor communication lies at the heart of conflict. Triangle Associates’ training seminars help teams critique and improve essential skills.

  • Board Development

Critical to an organization is a board of directors dedicated to serving the organization’s mission and goals, as well as to establishing policies and structures that support the organization’s vision. Triangle Associates helps boards become outcome-oriented, strategic in focus, and dedicated to continuous improvement. Triangle Associates’ many long consulting relationships with boards and foundations are a testament to the efficacy and vitality of our client partnerships.

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All the Associates at Triangle Associates realize that they run the risk of creating the next "Great Moment in Consulting History."  The history of creativity, innovation, research and change has always been littered by both good ideas and bad.  We recognize that fact and seek to work with responsible organizations and individuals who want tested solutions instead of easy answers.







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