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An organization is only as good as the individuals who comprise it. Hence, an organization benefits when its employees, members or staff have opportunities for personal growth and change. Triangle Associates offers a variety of learning opportunities that support individuals as they go through the process of change. 

360 Assessment

Triangle Associates gathers information from administrators, managers, peers and subordinates to help individuals see themselves as others see them. Through both anonymous feedback and self-assessment, individuals are able to take a step back and objectively consider their own skills, abilities, leadership and management styles and job-related competencies. Essential to the successful outcome of the process is interpretation by an assessment expert from Triangle Associates. This expert helps the individual develop an action plan to correct weaknesses and provides follow-up and support at a later, designated time.

Executive Coaching

Triangle Associates helps an organizational leader or executive develop strengths, minimize weaknesses and maintain focus. Working with a trained behavioral science consultant or coach, the executive learns to identify challenges and obstacles, develop action plans, enhance performance and relationships at work, and find the balance between achievement and fulfillment.

  • Training Programs

  • Triangle Associates offers a myriad of programs to help an organization’s leaders and executive team address the key issues that confront organizations today. Topics range from improving clinical quality to curriculum reform; from defining an organization’s values to forging new relationships. We also develop custom training programs to serve specific client needs.

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The first leadership or management assessment instrument appeared in 1929, the product of research by organizational psychologist, Spiro F. Lunugee. Of those recurring childhood night-mares that seemed common among great organizational leaders, he found the most prevalent were falling, monsters under the bed, and going to school clad only in underwear. His first assessment exercise featured a long leap over a deep hole. Successful candidates proceeded on to executive positions; less successful candidates spawned additional measures known as "gap analysis."

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